About us

About us
Hello friends, my name is Narayana Mali, I am from Bhinder city of Distic Udaipur. I work in cooking in restaurants, I love cooking and sharing with others, that's why I thought why not share my knowledge with others. 
That is why I have started this recipe site so that I can convey my knowledge to you. I am a disaster, I want you to spot me so that I can move forward 
I called my website My parents and brothers are named as follows (G- Ganga Bai) 
(B - bagdi Lal Mali ) ( k - kalu Lal Mali ) My parents and brothers are no longer in this world But even today i keep my parents and brother in my heart


Cooking start : 5 years experience
Experience on Chinese food, italian food, indian khana,and up coming pross
Visit my Hindi website www.kichanhelp.com
I have started writing blog posts from January 2, 2020 Hindi blog post website

I started posting updates in English from February 20, 2020 which will continue till further, just give me the spot for you guys.

Education: 8th class pass

Experience : khana pakana
Parents: have not moved at the age of 12
Mother's death (२३-०१-२००६)
Father's death (sin.२०००)
brother's death (११-१२-२०१२)

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