red grevy Recipe at home


Panjabi red grevy Recipe at home

Red grevy recipe is mostly used in Indian dish, Punjabi dish and non veg recipe, red gravy recipe is mostly used in hotel or restaurant.

Cooking Time : 45 minutes
Prep Time : 1 hours
Total Time : 1 hours 45 min.
Recipe : Tomato onion red grevy
serving size : 1 bowl ( 264g )
Calories : 270c
Prot.-3.4g  carb-18g  fat-22g
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Red grevy recipe is very easy to make at home and can make a delicious dish.

Ingredients for making red grevy

Ingredients to boil

Red Tomatoes - 500 grams
Onion - 250g (peeled)-red and white onion
Peanut seeds - 50 grams
Four Magaz - around 30-40 grams
Cashew - 100 grams

Ingredients for tempering in gravy

Onion - 1 piss - finely chopped
Garlic Ginger Paste - 2-3 tbsp
Green chili - 4-5 piss - finely chopped
Fade Mawa - 50 grams
Whole Spices - 1 small pouch
Whole Red Chili - 2-3 piss chilies
Green cardamom - 2-3 piss
Black cardamom - 1-2 piss
Cooking Oil - 1-2 Tbsp - Soybean
Red chili powder - 2  tbsp
Coriander Powder - 1-2  tbsp
Turmeric - 1/4 tbsp
Salt - 1 tbsp or as per taste
Garam Masala - 1 tbsp

Red grevy Recipe

First peel the onion and cut four pieces of an onion, and remove the stalk of the onion with a knife.

Now take bhagoni or Embroidery and heat it by filling at least 1-2 liters of water.

After that add chopped onions, whole tomatoes, four Magaz, cashew nuts and groundnut seeds in a bhagoni or Embroidery and boil on medium heat for at least 30 to 40 minutes.

But if the onion dirt comes on top of boiling water while boiling, keep it out with a spoon.

When the onions and tomatoes are soft, filter them in a steel jar and allow them to cool down or add normal water.

When the boiled ingredients cool down, take the onions, magaz, peanut, cashew nuts together in a mixer jar.

Similarly grind tomatoes in a mixer jar and prepare a paste.

Now take a pan or frying pan and heat it as little as possible by adding oil to it.

When the oil is slightly warm, add whole spices, whole red chillies, green cardamom, (slightly crushed) black cardamom, and fry for 30-40 seconds.

After this, fry the chopped onions till they turn lightly brown. When the onions start to brown lightly, add garlic ginger paste when the paste starts to turn light brown, if not more then add green chilli paste for 1 minute on medium flame.Fry

After this, add the onion, magaz, peanut seeds, cashew paste and fry on medium flame till it turns brown, but keep stirring with a spoon so that it does not stick to the bottom.

When the onion mix paste starts to brown, add at least 500-700 grams of water to the tomato paste and cook for 10 to 15 minutes on medium flame.

Now take a bowl, add red chili powder, coriander powder, salt, and turmeric powder and mix it with a little water and prepare the spice solution.

Now add the prepared spice solution to the onion tomato paste.

Now cook the gravy till the gravy starts leaving the oil but keep the flame on low flame so that the sprinkles of gravy do not spread all around

While cooking, keep stirring the gravy periodically so that it does not stick to the bottom

When the gravy starts leaving the oil, then mix the fika mawa (mash the fika mawa with your hands).

After a few minutes, add garam masala to the gravy and cover it with the lid or fry for 1-2 minutes.

Your red grevy recipe of tomato onion is ready. You can prepare many recipes like Indian Punjabi dish like kadhai paneer, chana masala, dum potato, red gravy of tomato onion.

Tomato onion red grevy recipe can be stored in the refrigerator and used for 7 to 8 days.

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