Paneer Paratha -


Paneer Paratha -

Paneer Paratha is very available in Punjabi Dhaba, especially Punjab's famous dish Paneer Paratha, you can easily make it at home, we need fresh milk cheese and spices to make Paneer Paratha.

Cooking Time : 20 minutes
Prep Time : 10 minutes
Total time : 30 minutes
Dough Time : 30 minutes
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Recipe : Paneer Paratha
serving size : 1 piece (156g)
Calories : 352c
Prot.-15.4g  carb-42g  fat-15.6g
Paneer Paratha Recipe PDF English

Ingredients for making Paneer Paratha

Fresh Paneer - 250 grams
Onion - 1 piece - finely chopped
Green chili - 1-2 piece - finely chopped
Coriander leaves - 1/4 cup - finely chopped
Red chili powder - half or a spoon - tsp
Coriander Powder - around 1 teaspoon
Cumin powder or whole cumin seeds - 1 tsp
salt to taste -
Garam Masala - around 1 teaspoon
Chaat Masala - around 1 teaspoon
Butter - 1 cup to fry the paratha
Dough - around 2-3 piece dough
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You can use soybean oil instead of butter for frying paneer paratha.

Paneer Masala Recipe

First of all, take the paneer in a bowl after grating it well, you can also grate the paneer by hand.

Now mix finely chopped onion, green chilli and green coriander in grated Paneer.

(Leave the onion if you do not like the onion.(onion Parantha)

Now mix the spices (red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin powder or whole cumin, salt, garam masala, chaat masala) well in the grated paneer.

Now taste the taste of paneer masala, if there is a lack of salt or other spices, then according to your taste, if you like to eat spicy, then add chili powder and mix.

(If you want to enjoy garlic flavor with paneer paratha, then you can add garlic paste around 1-2 teaspoons in paneer masala.( potato paratha )

Paneer masala is ready to make Paneer Paratha.

How to make Paneer Paratha

First, turn on the gas burner and put the pan to heat.

Now take a rolling pin, take a medium sized dough ball and roll it into a round shape with a rolling pin.

Now fill the prepared paneer masala in the flour as much as the masala should be covered in the dough.

Now mix the four sides of the dough together, making sure that the paneer masala does not come out of the dough, so pack the dough well.

Now lightly flatten the dough in both dry flour and roll the dough like bread
Prepare a small round round paratha lightly with the bread.

If you need the dry flour while rolling the dough, then keep both the sites lightly light, do not put too much dry flour or else the dry flour will come in the mouth while eating the parantha.(Cauliflower paratha)

When the raw parathas are ready and the tava is medium hot, put the paratha on the pan and fry both the sites till they turn brown.

When the paneer paratha is roasted from both the sites, then fry both the sites well by applying butter on the paratha.

 When the paneer parathas are well fried from both the sites, take them out in a plate.

Similarly, other paneer parathas are made and fried and fried in butter.

Your Paneer Paratha is ready, serve hot spices with curd and veg raita, with boondi raita or with green chutney and mango pickle.

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