Cucumbur raita recipe at home


Cucumbur Raita Recipe at Home

How to make Cucumbur raita recipe A delicious spicy cucumber raita is prepared by mixing yogurt with Cucumbur.
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Cooking Time : 15 minutes
Prep Time : 10 minutes
Total Time : 25 minutes
Yogurt time : 12 hours
Recipe : cucumbur raita
Raita Serving size : 1 cup ( 267g )
calories : 125c
Cucumbur Serving size : 1 piss ( 100g )
Calories : 15g
Total cucumbur raita c. : 140c ( 1 cup )
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To make Cucumbur raita,fresh fresh curd of Amul / Saras / Dairy product.

What are the ingredients of raita?

ingredients for making cucumber raita

Fresh Curd - 1 Bowl - Curd Javan Recipe
Cucumber - 1/2 bowl -peeled and finely  Chopped
Coriander leaves - to garnish - finely Chopped
Cumin seeds - powdered
Chaat Masala - 1/4 tbsp
salt - to taste
Red chilli powder - Half a teaspoon or half as per need or if you want to spicy Cucumbur raita, then use it otherwise.
You can use finely ground green chili instead of red chili powder, as much as you want to spicy Cucumbur raita.
After roasting the cumin seeds on a griddle, grind it finely in a jar of grinder and prepare cumin powder.
Use sugar to make Cucumbur raita or else to make sugar powder, you can grind the sugar in a mixer jar and prepare fine sugar powder.

Mitha Cumumbur Raita Recipe

If you want to make Cucumbur Sweet Raita,then add chopped finely cucumber by beating sugar with curd or by adding sugar powder.

Do not mix other spices, mix 1 tbsp (vanilla plover) custard powder and mix, your cucumbur mitha raita is ready to serve with food.

Cucumber raita (spicy) recipe

How do you cut cucumbers for raita peeled and finely chopped
First of all, wake up, add curd in the jug and whisk it with the ravi till the curd becomes thin.

If the curd is thick then dilute the curd by adding a little cold water as per the requirement.

Now wash finely chopped cucumber with clean water and squeeze the water and add it to the whipped yogurt.

After this, add powdered cumin, chaat masala, salt to the whipped yogurt (if you want to spicy Cucumbur raita, then add chili powder or ground green chili)
After this, check the taste of raita and if salt is less then add more as required.

Now decorate the cucumbur raita by adding chopped green coriander.
Cucumber raita is ready. Enjoy Cucumbur raita with day meal and dinner.

If you want to make Cucumbur Raita a sweet spicy salted cucumbur raita, prepare salted sweet cucumbur raita by mixing two spoons (tbsp) of sugar powder and 1 teaspoon of vanilla custard powder -

Where can yogurt be used?

  • Use of curd to make curd raita
  • To make Tandoori Sauce
  • To make Paneer Tandoori Tikka Masala
  • To serve with food
  • To make Lassi or Buttermilk
  • Breakfast with curd parantha
  • Rajasthani curry and Gujarati curry using curd
  • Dahi with plain rice and casserole
  • Use of curd to freeze life
  • Yogurt is used to tear milk and in many other recipes.

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