Who is called Manchurian || Information about Manchurian

1.Did you know that Manchurian is a famous dish.Manchurian is the food of which country.

Answer: Manchurian is one of the famous Chinese food of East Asia China, Manchurian is a Tungasic language spoken in China.

2.Where does Manchurian meet?

These dishes are available from China to all over the world, available in every city,Manchurian Cafe,Hotel, Restaurant, and Chinese Trolley Chowpatty at some time every day.

3.Vinegar is important in Gobi Manchurian.

To make veg and cabbage Manchurian Fritters of veg and cabbage,vinegar (white vinegar) is not so much needed,but to make gravy of veg and cabbage Manchurian most vanigar is needed as Manchurian will not taste without adding vanigar.
If you want to add or not put vinegar in the fritters of cabbage Manchurian and veg manchurian,then it does not matter in the test, but if you do not add vanigar in the gravy of cabbage Manchurian and veg manchurian,then the test will not come.

4.How to make Cabbage Manchurian if there is no Corn Floor.

What to do if there is no maize flour in Manchurian.

Can you add Flour instead of corn floor in Manchurian.

Without corn flour you can make Manchurian,they can also be made with Maida (Flour) but you will not be able to eat those Manchurian because they will be so hard that even the gravy will not enter the fritters.
If the gravy does not penetrate the Manchurian Fritters then you will not enjoy eating Manchurian,so if you have taken 100 grams of flour to make Manchurian Fritters,then take 25 grams of corn flour because adding the corn flour makes the Fritters soft and crispy.

5.What should be done to ensure that the Veg Manchurian is not spoiled.

You can keep fridge for 3-4 days by making Manchurian pakoras.
But Manchurian Fritters are made this way - if you have taken 50 grams flour,then take 75 grams of corn flour.
manchurian recipe in English

How can we store Manchurian gravy for a long time?

Keep the gravy of Manchurian in the fridge for 1 to 2 days, it will not spoil, when you need the gravy and heat it, but doing so can make a difference in the taste of Manchurian.

6.What happens with eating more Manchurian.

Eating manchurian is good.Chinese Salt only monosodium glutamate.Causes damage to the body.

7.Food colour used in Manchurian

To make Manchurian,you can use red orange colour - (bush food colour - https://amzn.to/2INjyEv ).
The food colour that is used to make Manchurian Fritters or gravy or the food colour used to make other Chinese food is not harmful,believe the colour company but if you are at home  If you make Manchurian,it would be better if you do not use food colour.

8.Which utensil is used to make Manchurian?

For grinding cabbage and carrots - Fruit Slicer Maker

Chopped board with knife set -cabbage,capsicum,onions,green coriander,garlic,finely chopped.

Utensils for taking chopped vegetables and Utensils for taking grated vegetable - Embassy Aluminium Tope or Basin Bowl/Basin Parat

Manchurian Fritters for Frying - Embroidery Set - or Fry Strainer
To make Manchurian gravy or to make Manchurian - Chinese frypan

Sauce Ingredients for making Manchurian Fritters and Gravy -Red Chilli Sauce, Green Chilli Sauce, Tomato Sauce,Venigar,Soya Sauce
Other material
Flour and Corn Floor for making Manchurian Fritters.
White pepper & black pepper
Sodium glutamate
Food colour - bush food colour Red Orange

Oil for frying Manchurian fritters and for tempering - Soyabean, Garlic Ginger Paste

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